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Korie J., Entrepreneur / Photographer

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Dr. Tomayia C.

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Aisha R., Filmmaker

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Mrs. Summer B.

"Before I worked with Tracy I tended to be in relationships that were not going anywhere. 
They weren't serious or not committed. When you're young, that's ok, but when you get older, you start wondering "What's wrong with me?"

I found out about the course by attending the Heartbreak to Wholeness Conference.

I signed up for the program and I was surprised to dig so deep so quickly. 

Upon completing the program, I met my now husband."

Summer married in 2017.

Dr. Keisha B.

"I had a rule to not date long distance...but made an exception.

I was devastated when a woman messaged me informing me that we were engaged to the same man! I was physically, mentally and emotionally suffering.

I appreciate Tracy helping me do a self-check. I had to really be honest with myself and stop focusing on him. I learned how to set healthy boundaries and be open to the man who would eventually be my husband."

Keisha married in 2017.

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